On 16/04/2008, at 4:33 AM, fchan wrote:

This part of clamav-0.92 and new fix of a bug. 

And in short we need to get gcc4.1.1 or newer to get this work on Macintosh 10.4.11 and xcode 2.5 which only has an gcc 4.0.1. However Apple hasn't released gcc 4.1.1 or newer for the Mac 10.4.11 so we are left to use this an workaround for this an Japanese clamav user found this and here is the workaround:
export CFLAGS='-g'
"-g" means debug mode building. Then configure and make as you have done before.

I hope this helps.

John Rudd wrote:
Oh, and, while we're on the subject, what about 0.88.6? is that version
vulnerable? (don't tell me to upgrade -- I haven't been able to get
newer versions to compile on Mac OS X 10.4.x)

Frank & John, I've used ./configure --enable-experimental CFLAGS="-O0" to get ClamAV (including 0.93 yesterday) to compile on Intel Macs (as have others).


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