Running redhat and have installed bzip2 1.0.5 in /usr/local/. How can I 
tell clamav's Configure to look in /usr/local/ just for bzip2? Configure 
is returning:

checking how to link with libbz2... /usr/local/lib/libbz2.a
checking for bzReadOpen in -lbz2... no
checking bzlib.h usability... yes
checking bzlib.h presence... yes
checking for bzlib.h... yes
checking for CVE-2008-1372... bugged
configure: WARNING: ****** bzip2 libraries are affected by the 
CVE-2008-1372 bug
configure: WARNING: ****** We strongly suggest you to update to bzip2 1.0.5.
configure: WARNING: ****** Please do not report stability problems to 
the ClamAV developers!

[EMAIL PROTECTED] lib]# /usr/local/bin/bzip2 --help
bzip2, a block-sorting file compressor.  Version 1.0.5, 10-Dec-2007.

Roberto Ullfig - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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