On 12.10.16 06:15, Brad Scalio wrote:
So if we are using only clamscan from a cronjob and freshclamd to update
the VSD then no need to startup clamd correct?

correct, but don't blame clamscan long signature loading time (and thus for
long run time)

On Oct 12, 2016 5:35 AM, "Ralf Hildebrandt" <ralf.hildebra...@charite.de>
* Brad Scalio <sca...@gmail.com>:
> When a clamscan is ran from cmdline or via cron is the virus signature
> database checked before scanning commences

It is loaded, thus the long startup time.

> in a fashion that if we aren't using clamdscan then is there a need for
> clamd to run,

No. clamdscan together with clamd eliminated the long startup time.

> does it provide any added features or functionality not already present
> with freshclam + clamscan running on-demand from cronjobs?

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