Probably just a post for windows users but...

If you are using:

clamav-0.99.3-beta1-win32.msi, under Vista and get an error:

Vista etc:

VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing (running on 32 bit Vista)

Fix by installing Visual C++ Re distributable for Visual Studio 2015

Under Windows XP:

sigtool.exe etc. "

"not a valid win32 application" (running on Windows XP Virtual)

Joel: Is XP/Vista being dropping in the next build, if it is, I think
a blog statement would be good before the 0.99.3 release hits so XP
VM users etc. are aware.

I did spot a way to build XP, if that's an easy fix:

Possible build fix (building the executable with the v140_xp toolset?)


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