Paul B. wrote:
Ok, I got the same errors from Synaptics upon trying to install a
completely unrelated program:

E: clamav-base: subprocess installed post-installation script returned
error exit status 1
E: clamav-freshclam: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
E: clamav: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
E: clamtk: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured

You have these packages partially installed, and likely won't be able to install or upgrade any others until their status is cleaned up.

Synaptic should be able to show you enough information to track down the missing dependencies, or allow you to uninstall them. Note that this may break your installed-from-source working ClamAV, depending on where it was installed.

Upon rebooting, I tried to reinstall ClamAv, freshclam, clambase, and
clamtk through Synaptics:

Attempt to reinstall freshclam, clambase, and clamtk:

E: Internal Error, No file name for clamav-base:amd64
E: Internal Error, No file name for clamav-freshclam:amd64
E: Internal Error, No file name for clamav:amd64

Something is wrong with the recordkeeping in the package system.

You should probably take this up with a list for your specific Debian derivative, or possibly ask on the main Debian users list. This is just a problem that happens to be triggering on the ClamAV packages, not a ClamAV problem.

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