J Doe wrote:
I note though that man 5 freshclam.conf states that clamd is *NOT* set to 
update by default, however when I installed the package on Ubuntu 16.04.03 LTS, 
it has put in 3600 for an update frequency.

Between freshclam and clamd there are three options here that operate indpendently:

NotifyClamd -> freshclam configuration, tells freshclam where to find the clamd configuration file to look for the clamd socket

Checks -> freshclam configuration, tells freshclam how often to check for new signatures

SelfCheck -> clamd configuration, tells clamd how often to check and see if the signature files have been updated

That said, if freshclam does not notify clamd by default, does that mean if I 
don’t get the socket problem sorted out that clamd (and more importantly 
clamav-milter), will still use the most recently downloaded signatures when 
scanning ?  Or does clamd and clamav-milter have to receive an update message 
via the socket to use the most recent signatures?

No; the notification is just a way to get clamd aware of the new signatures faster. Otherwise it will pick them up on its own refresh (SelfCheck).

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