On April 11, 2018 7:09:07 PM UTC, "Alberto José García Fumero" 
<albe...@ettpartagas.co.cu> wrote:
>Hi all.
>I'm trying to install clamav-0100 in the office Linux box (Debian 9.4).
>The compilation process goes  as a breeze, but when I try to launch
>clamscan, the only result I have is that error message: "ERROR: This
>tool requires libclamav with functionality level 91 or higher (current
>f-level: 85)".
>I think I have correctly installed libclamav, and until yesterday I
>used version 0.99.4 of clamav. But as far as I can see, Debian package
>for clamav - libclamav7 (0.99.4+dfsg-1+deb9u1) - does not support the
>last version.
>What could I do? 

You have to remove the version you installed from Debian packages if want to 
use a version you built from source.  Either do that or wait a week for us to 
get 0.100 packaged and released to Debian stable.

Scott K
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