Background:  Using ClamAV for Win32.  My usage has allowed me to use 
it without ever having to install it.  Instead I simply extracted the 
.msi.  Updates were done by replacing previous files with new ones.

The directory structure of the extracted .msi from the file is different from previous versions.  
Gone is the \WIN directory, added is a clamav-0.100.0-x86.msi file 
which I fails to extract (using MSIEXEC).

Please let me know whether the missing .dll files normally packaged 
in a \WIN\SYSTEM directory is of consequence.

Also, do I need to be concerned with the clamav-0.100.0-x86.msi that 
is packaged inside of the clamav-0.100.0-x86.msi that was extracted 
from the downloaded .zip?



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