On August 11, 2018 2:21:30 PM UTC, Scott Kitterman <deb...@kitterman.com> wrote:
>On August 11, 2018 11:48:32 AM UTC, Christian <abelschre...@freenet.de>
>>Hi altogether,
>>What I want to achieve is create a /context-menu/ (rightclick)-entry
>>scanning files with the *clamscan*-command.
>>For ubuntu there is a tool called _"nautilus-actions_". With it one
>>create right-click-entries.
>>The most important settings are under the tab "command".
>>So I configured it this way:
>>path: xterm
>>parameter: -fa 'Monospace' -fs 12 -hold -e clamscan %f
>>working directory: %d
>>The parameter options are thus: -fa 'Monospace' -fs 12 (setting font
>>                              : -hold (preventing xterm from shutting
>>down immediately)
>>                              : -e (executing the following command
>>within xterm)
>>                              : clamscan %f ((first) filename)
>>Actually this works very well.
>>When right-clicking on the file to be scanned and clicking on the
>>respective label (I called it "Dateiscannen") a separate xterm-window
>>opens and after the scan is
>>finished the result is displayed until I manually close the
>>Yet I´ve noticed that I can also scan folders with that command (but
>>recursively of course, due to the very nature of the specified
>>It´s always said that everything can be considered to be a file in
>>Linux. So theoeretically a folder is a file as well and therefore the
>>/"%f"-parameter/ should be fine
>>for scanning folders, too.
>>My question is: Am I right in thinking so or should I use another
>>than "%f" or folder-scan?
>>Thanks a lot in advance.
>>system: Lubuntu 16.04.5 LTS, 64 bit
>I think https://github.com/dave-theunsub/clamtk-gnome is pretty close
>to, if not exactly, what you are looking for.  It's included in the
>clamtk package in recent Debian (and thus Ubuntu) releases.
>Scott K

Actually, it's in a separate binary (I'd forgotten).  Install clamtk-nautilus.

Scott K
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