I'm new to the list, but have been using clam for a good while, it's
just always worked :)

We have created a private mirror of clam data updates on a network
that is not Internet connected.  We are required to encrypt network
traffic, e.g. the mirror server must redirect http -> https.  I was
hoping to configure freshclam.conf to use the PrivateMirror setting as
detailed at 
Option #2.  We wish to go with #2, because we will not control all
clients, and it will be simpler to user freshclam with proper
configuration than having to support clients configuring a custom
script and having the right things installed to run it.

I see in the code
that unless a proxy is used, the port is hard coded to 80.

Is there a reason for this?  Should I file a bug?  I would think that
utilizing https as much as possible would be a good idea.


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