Ok thanks! You really need to work on your social skills though. Here's how 
NORMAL people (i.e. people NOT in the autistic spectrum) would have handled 

"Hey I noticed the "-" prefix in "ExecStartPre=-/bin/mkdir /run/clamav" line. 
This does not indicate a problem, but rather a warning letting you know that 
the directory already exists. You don't have anything to worry about"

"Thanks! I appreciate you looking at it. You are awesome!"

See? It's simple. Just don't be a dick! Give it a try.

Thanks again!


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Am 17.10.18 um 18:21 schrieb Dino Edwards:
> ExecStartPre=-/bin/mkdir /run/clamav
> ExecStartPre=/bin/chown clamav /run/clamav

you don't get an error, an error is when the service don't start

"If I delete the /var/run/clamav directory, I don’t get the error, but if I 
restart clamd again I get the error again. I’m not sure what the problem is" - 
idiot there is no problem

"ExecStartPre=-/bin/mkdir /run/clamav" is prefixed with - so that the service 
don't fail in case the directory exists and "mkdir" natuarlly fails when a 
directory already exists

when you delete the directory - guess what - it get created and no warning - 
frankly this is not a clamav topic at all but lack of basic understanding of 
your system
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