zhuangxiaohui wrote:
I have some servers(Centos6/7). Most of them have 1GB memory, 600M
But also servers with low memory. For example 512M memory, 200M available.
When I install the "clamav" on server which have 600M available memory and
start the "clamd" service,
I find that clamd's resident memory is about 500M. But on servers that have
only 200M of available memory,
the resident memory is about 100M. So I doubt if clamd will work properly on
these servers, although both
scan and database's updates are normally.

Would you please tell me the lowest clamav's requirements for system
resources especially the memory?
I've searched on your website but got nothing about this :(

On 02.11.18 15:43, Kris Deugau wrote:
I wouldn't run ClamAV with stock signatures on anything less than 1G, and I wouldn't run much else on that machine. If you're running a very light workload with a dedicated machine, you might get away with 512M.

I run clamav with 3rd party signatures from Debian package
clamav-unofficial-sigs everywhere.  In this case, clamav eats nearly 1G of

I can't tell you how much of it eats clamav without those signatures, but I
wouldn't run clamav on machines with less than 1GB either.

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