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I have set up a PrivateMirror on an internal repository server. However, this 
server is not single-use. I have several YUM/RPM repositories, a copy of the 
CPAN repository, etc. So, in a perfect world, I could set


so `freshclam` knows which directory on the webserver to look in. However, I 
don't see any documentation that this might be supported, and Google has failed 
me. Has anyone tried this? (Yes, I know that's not really a URI.)

For the moment, at least, I'm stuck with the "vendor provided" version of 
clamav, which is currently 0.99.2-8.el7 in the EPEL 7 repository. If I need to 
fight my Cyber organization for permission to create a YUM repository for 
clamav-0.101.0, I can do that. But, I'd rather not use that political capital 
if I can avoid it.


PS. Current versions of bash support input redirection to `source`. So, we also 
have a scripts directory on this repo server, to do things like

source <(curl -sS 

which means the only copy of that we have to maintain is on the 
repo server...


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