Am 09.11.2019 10:46, schrieb Frans de Boer:

I use several machines and found that most of the time the use of the
'clamav-daemon.socket' file only leads to a startup failure of clamd.
Why is this file file in the first place? I ask this because clamd is
already creating the socket - that is, when the socket was not created

In my current configurations, I just disabled the
clamav-clamonacc.socket file without problem.

So, what is it's intended use?

--- Frans.

Hi Frans,

the socket file is used for local communication with clamd. So clamdscan can give scanjobs to clamd.
Also clamdtop can get info from clamd.

It is also possible to configure a TCP socket for remote (also local) communication.

I don't know why you have 2 different sockets... clamav-daemon.socket/clamav-clamonacc.socket?!

Do you use different config files for clamonacc and clamd?
Both should use the same socket. Clamonacc gives the jobs to clamd and so needs the socket of clamd.

There is also an option FixStaleSocket which should handle your startup problems.
But this is per default enabled and so might be disabled in your config.

If you run multiple clamd on one system each need to have a different socket filename.



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