Am 08.11.2019 11:58, schrieb G.W. Haywood via clamav-users:
Hi there,

On Fri, 8 Nov 2019, Arnaud Jacques wrote:
...Brent wrote:

clamscan --alert-exceeds-max=yes --max-recursion=5 --max-ziptypercg=5M
/var/tmp/tmp/ Heuristics.Limits.Exceeded FOUND

It seems that there might be room for improvement in Brent's client's
ClamAV configuration, perhaps we should be trying to understand why it
is in this state.  It should be a deliberate choice to disable a test
for excessive resource usage, not an accident.

The alerting on exceed is disabled by default.
So you have to set the config option.
I think it is disabled because the default limits on file-sizes,
archive-sizes and so on are bit low.
So without adapting all this to your needs you will most likely see
false-positiv exceed warnings.
Maybe there should be options to enable/disable the different exceed
types separately.



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