Following up on this.

Downloading using other than FreshClam has now been limited.

FreshClam supports the Cdiff system, the cdiff system allows for small micro 
updates to rebuild your daily.cvd instead of downloading the whole daily.cvd 
and main.cvd.

Abuse of the download system has forced us to push people towards FreshClam.  
Unfortunately a handful have ruined it for everyone.  (Looking at you, handful 
of IPs that download the daily.cvd 3x a second)

We cannot continue to transfer 9PB of traffic a month.

Further enhancements to Freshclam are planned to take advantage of, and handle 
our mirror infrastructure more politely.  More details will be published about 
this soon.  In the meantime, please immediately discontinue the use of other 
command line downloading systems and use FreshClam.

So to clarify:

1. Rate limiting around daily.cvd, main.cvd, and super excessive cdiff 
downloading is now in place.  If you are getting “429” back from Cloudflare - 
you are part of the problem.
2. Use of Wget, Curl, and the link is now severely limited.
3. Use FreshClam
4. We’re modifying FreshClam in upcoming releases to deal with this problem 
5. See #3

Joel Esler
Manager, Communities Division
Cisco Talos Intelligence Group |

> On Mar 3, 2021, at 9:57 AM, Joel Esler (jesler) via clamav-users 
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> All —
> I’ve had to be more stringent on the rate limiting for the daily.cvd and 
> main.cvd files.  It seems that some people either have stuck cron jobs (or 
> are doing it on purpose) and downloading the full file 200k-300k times a day.
> We release AV updates once a day, in an emergency slightly more than that.  
> There is no reason for this.  I’ve had to lower the amount of connections you 
> are allowed, and raise the amount of time you are blocked.
> If you are being blocked with a 429 code from the ClamAV update system, and 
> you believe your system isn’t broken, and have a valid reason to download 
> that much.
> 1. Feel free to reach out to me via 1:1 or via this list.
> 2. Consider setting up a local mirror on your network.
> Repeat:  You need to be using freshclam, and freshclam only.  It needs to 
> check the DNS for the presence of an update, and you need to be downloading 
> the diff files.  There’s no reason to download the full main and daily.
> --
> Joel Esler
> Manager, Communities Division
> Cisco Talos Intelligence Group
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