Thanks to the great work Christophe Wilke has done in packaging clapf
for Debian, I have found the time to play with it some more.

I would like to have a setup that allows every user to have extremely
fine grained control over their anti-spam settings. However, when
reading the docs, I saw that clapf only seems to supports policy groups
and assigning a group to a user.

Is there a cleaner way than just defining a policy group for each and
every user? Something like adding the policy settings to the user
profile itself or adding the policyGroup class to a user entry?
Would it hurt performance to add a lot of policies? Our setup would
consist of roughly 2000 mailboxes (= users) and it would have to scale
to roughly 20000 in the future.

By the way, if you want amd64 packages, they can be found at



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