The release for Project Clearwater sprint "Onix" has been cut. The code for 
this release is tagged as release-108 in github.

In this release:

*         We've enhanced clearwater-docker so that storage services are run in 
their own containers (bringing us closer in line with standard microservice 
design principles) and ensured that it is now possible to scale Docker 
deployments up to include clusters of storage nodes.   We've also documented 
the use of Weave Scope as a convenient tool for visualizing Docker deployments. 
  See the clearwater-docker README for more information.

*         We've added support for RFC 4169, allowing AKAv2 authentication in 
VoLTE or VoWiFi networks in addition to our existing AKAv1 support.

*         We've updated our OpenStack Heat templates with the ability to 
automatically launch and configure a FHoSS (OpenIMS Core HSS) instance as part 
of an IPv6 Clearwater deployment. This is available as an optional alternative 
to using Ellis.

This release includes the following bug fixes:

*         Bono doesn't support alias_list configuration option 

*         Memento is not redundant if one cassandra fails 

*         etcd restarts repeatedly, saying "the member has been permanently 
removed from the cluster"  

*         extract database servers to separate containers 

As part of this release we are re-working our debian packaging to make our 
package structure clearer. These changes give us a much clearer view of what 
each of our components comprises, and how that differs from what runs on a 
Project Clearwater node. For each node type, there is now a corresponding 
'-node' package. These are meta-packages which pull in all of the components 
needed to create a fully functioning Clearwater node of that type.

There are extra instructions specific to this release that you must follow in 
order to upgrade your Clearwater deployment (this includes both those 
deployments installed manually and created using Chef) and install the above 
-node packages:

*         Firstly, upgrade your existing packages to the latest version

o   On each node in your deployment, run `clearwater-upgrade`, and install all 
updated packages.

*         Install the new meta-packages, to ensure future upgrade compatibility.

o   On your Bono nodes, run `apt-get install bono-node`.

o   On your Sprout nodes, run `apt-get install sprout-node`.  If you have 
memento on your sprout node, also run `apt-get install memento-node`.

o   On your Homestead nodes, run `apt-get install homestead-node`.

o   On your Homer nodes, run `apt-get install homer-node`.

o   On your Ellis nodes, run `apt-get install ellis-node`.

o   On your Ralf nodes, run `apt-get install ralf-node`.

You should then follow the usual instructions at
 If you are deploying an all-in-one node, the standard image 
( has been updated for this release.

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