Hi community,

I am interested in if Clearwater-docker supports elastic scaling or not.
First I made a call based on the minimal distributed Clearwater-docker.
Then I added a new sprout container named sprout_2.
Finally I deleted the original sprout node.
Until now the communication was still OK.
So I assume that Clearwater-docker might support fault-tolerant.

However, on the other hand I tested if I delete a certain node, is the 
communication will truly break down.
So I used the Weave Scope to stop the nodes.
But it is odd that even I stopped and deleted all the nodes, the communication 
is still going.
This makes wonder if the Clearwater-docker supports elastic scaling or not.
Because if the communication is still functional even there is no node running.
I can’t confirm that the test I do in the first paragraph was right.

So I would like to ask if Clearwater-docker supports elastic scaling or not?
Or, if there is something wrong in my test steps?

Thank you.

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