We’ve altered our package dependencies, introducing new -node packages – as 
described in the release note. If you aren’t seeing Cassandra being installed, 
then it’s likely that you aren’t installing the -node packages as part of your 
installation. This is detailed in the release note: This is likely a 
change you need to make to your Cloudify integration scripts.

If you do want to use the previous release, release-107, that’s should be 
available in the archive with an apt line of deb binary/



From: Clearwater [] On 
Behalf Of Anna Szpoton
Sent: 18 October 2016 15:33
Subject: [Project Clearwater] Installation of homer and homestead


I'm using automated installation of Clearwater (using Cloudify) and I've met 
one problem - cassandra is not installed properly on Homer and Homestead and 
Clearwater last stable release is not usable.

How can I use previous release?

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