Thanks for getting in touch. In answer to your questions:

1)      Project Clearwater doesn’t integrate directly with an MRF, but you can 
configure an AS that can control the MRF, and we’ve successfully integrated 
with MRFs via an AS in the past.


a.       See above – once you have an AS that can control the MRF, you would 
configure the AS as normal 

b.      No, the built-in MMTEL TAS is not necessary. It will be installed on 
the Sprout node, but you don’t need to configure any calls to use it.

3)      Not all of these are necessary – which ones you use are up to you:

a.       Ellis – this is just to make provisioning easier. You don’t need to 
use it since you can also provision subscribers directly on Homestead 

b.      Homer – this is only required if you are using the built-in MMTEL TAS. 
If not, then Homer is not required.

c.       Ralf – this is used for billing, and is not required for calls to work.

I hope that helps,


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Subject: [Project Clearwater] Clearwater Integration with MRF

Hi All,
It is a plesure to discover an opensource free vIMS as Clearewater is. Very 
interesting VNF Cloud platform to get training and testing. I'm quite new on 
Clearwater vIMS on the Cloud. I manually installed it in my Openstack Lab  and 
I'd like to have the following information:

1) Can Clearwater with MRF (Media Resource Function) be integrated ?
2) if It can, how can it with a MRF with SIP and RTP interfaces be integrated? 
Is TAS (MMTEL sproutlet) necessary anyway ?
3) Moreover, can Clearwater with only Bono, Sprout+TAS, Homestead,DNS/ENUM work 
properly ? Are Ellis, Homer and Ralf  necessary anyway ?
Thank you very much!
Have a nice day,
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