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Thank you for your question.

The file containing the etcd_cluster config setting is 
/etc/clearwater/local_config (not /etc/clearwater/local_settings).

We don’t have a documented process to produce pre-packaged images for our open 
source produce Project Clearwater. However our commercial product Clearwater 
Core<http://www.metaswitch.com/clearwater-ims-core> does have pre-packaged 

As an alternative you could also download our all-in-one (AIO) OVF, for more 
details on this please visit 


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Subject: [Project Clearwater] /etc/clearwater/local_settings configured before 
packages install?


A mailing list response indicated that /etc/clearwater/local_settings must have 
the etcd_cluster=" " IP information before the specific per-node package 
installations using apt-get.

Does this I can't create pre-packaged images and update the 
/etc/clearwater/local_settings file during runtime?

When you install the first set of nodes in a Project Clearwater deployment, you 
need to make sure that each of the nodes in the deployment has the correct 
value of etcd_cluster in /etc/clearwater/local_settings. It should be set to a 
comma separated list that contains the IP address of each of the nodes in the 
cluster. You should put this local_config in place on each of your nodes before 
installing any of the software packages using apt-get.


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