Hi Jobin,

Thank you for your interested in Clearwater.

Bono, which is part of our open source solution Project Clearwater, does not 
support an external PCRF. Metaswitch offers a P-CSCF which does support using 
an external PCRF, this is called Perimeta and you can read more about it 



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Subject: [Project Clearwater] External PCRF/ Rx interface Support

I was interested in trying out VoLTE with Project Clearwater. However, I can't 
seem to find any integration between the p-cscf/Bono and an external PCRF or 
something equivalent to tell the LTE network to setup a dedicated bearer with 
appropriate QoS for the UE during call setup. Are there any additional 
resources I can look into for this or did I miss it in the documentation?

Thank you in advance for any responses!
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