Hi Jasper,

I’m not aware of anyone who’s tried running clearwater-sip-stress or 
clearwater-sip-stress-coreonly against Clearwater running under Docker, so we 
don’t have any pre-written guidelines on how to do it. Obviously, the level of 
load that the deployment will be able to handle will depend on the power of 
your docker host.

Unless you specifically need to be running high load, you may want to consider 
running the Live Tests, as mentioned here: 
https://github.com/Metaswitch/clearwater-docker#what-next. To do that, you run 
the Clearwater Live Tests as if you had an All-in-One node 
 pointing at the Docker Host.

If you do want to try running stress, then first off you only need to install 
one of “clearwater-sip-stress” and “clearwater-sip-stress-coreonly”. The 
difference between them is that “clearwater-sip-stress” sends traffic to Bono, 
whereas “clearwater-sip-stress-coreonly” sends traffic directly to Sprout. 
Because Sprout doesn’t expose any external interfaces, where you should run the 
stress from depends on the tool you want to use:

1)      Using “clearwater-sip-stress”

These scripts are older, and we tend to prefer using the other ones. However, 
these may be more appropriate to run against docker, because you run load 
against Bono. Bono exposes port 5060 on the docker host, and hence the stress 
tool doesn’t have to be run from inside your Docker deployment.

To use these scripts, you should create a stress node *outside* the docker 
deployment (but which has network connectivity to your Docker host), and 
install the scripts as per 
 You would then need to set the `shared_config` settings that those docs 
mention. Specifically:

·         `home_domain` should match the `home_domain` you’ve got set in your 
Clearwater-Docker deployment (“example.com”, unless you’ve changed it)

·         `bono_servers` should be the Docker host that’s running the 
Clearwater deployment
All the other settings recommended in the docs should also be set to what you 
want (e.g. the number of subscribers you’re using etc.)

2)      Using “clearwater-sip-stress-coreonly”

These scripts are newer, and send traffic directly to Sprout. Because Sprout 
doesn’t expose any services on the docker host, if you want to use these 
scripts then you’ll need to run stress from a container inside the docker 
deployment. Rather than installing on the Homestead container (which will 
impact the amount of load you can handle), I would suggest creating a new 
Ubuntu container and running them from that.

For these scripts, you should follow the instructions here: 
 noting especially that you will need to set the “--icscf-target” and 
“--scscf-target” to be your sprout hostname. If you’re using the default domain 
of “example.com”, then the sprout hostname will just be “sprout”.

Hopefully this helps.


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Sent: 10 February 2018 16:28
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Subject: [Project Clearwater] How to setup stress-node for the 
clearwater-docker deployment

Hi clearwater team,

I am writing to ask how to set up the stress node for the clearwater-docker 
I am deploying the Clearwater with clearwater-docker 
(https://github.com/Metaswitch/clearwater-docker) on one single host. Now the 
deployment works when I verify it with two X-lite client, However, I am now in 
trouble to run the stress test for the all-in-one docker deployment.
So far, I have tried two ways ,both failed ☹:

(1)       Installing the stress test tool on host server, mainly by runing 
‘sudo apt-get install clearwater-sip-stress’ and ‘sudo apt-get install 
And then I want to try the following command 
line:“/usr/share/clearwater/bin/run_stress example.com 100 10” , it tells me 
that could not resolve ‘sprout.example.com’, then I replace the home_domain 
with empty string.
2018-02-11      00:17:38.948706 1518279458.948706: Unknown remote host 
'sprout.' (Name or service not known, Success)

(2)       Installing the stress test tool in the docker container.
As I think it could be the networking issue, I login the homestead container to 
run ‘sudo apt-get install clearwater-sip-stress’ and ‘sudo apt-get install 
clearwater-sip-stress-coreonly’ , and then try running 
/usr/share/clearwater/bin/run_stress ‘ ’ 100 10 , still fails with the result 
as following:
“receive timeout on message Clearwater registration:1 without label to jump to 
(ontimeout attribute): aborting call. ”

Please help! Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards & Thanks, Jasper

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