Hi Anthony,
From the logs you have sent I see that you are using homestead-prov, we only 
support wildcarded entries with a HSS, which would explain the issues you are 
hitting. Here is a link to the docs about a HSS - 
http://clearwater.readthedocs.io/en/stable/External_HSS_Integration.html .
Let us know how it goes,

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Behalf Of Anthony Lee
Sent: 10 March 2018 20:02
To: clearwater@lists.projectclearwater.org
Subject: Re: [Project Clearwater] Does Clearwater support to provision 
wildcarded PSI?

Now I added P-Profile-Key header into the request, the header value is my 
wildcard PSI uri( 
sip:.+@list-service.example.com<mailto:sip%3a....@list-service.example.com> ).

Homestead  log:
10-03-2018 19:39:50.073 UTC [7f22987f8700] Debug http_handlers.cpp:619: 
Determining request type from '{"reqtype": "call", "server_name": 
"sip:scscf.;transport=TCP", "wildcard_identity": 

10-03-2018 19:39:50.074 UTC [7f22c4fb1700] Debug memcached_cache.cpp:27: 
Pausing stopwatch due to Memcached GET fetch result for 
10-03-2018 19:39:50.075 UTC [7f22c4fb1700] Debug memcached_cache.cpp:33: 
Resuming stopwatch due to Memcached GET fetch result for 

10-03-2018 19:39:50.075 UTC [7f22c4fb1700] Debug memcachedstore.cpp:414: Key 
not found

10-03-2018 19:39:50.075 UTC [7f229affd700] Debug hsprov_store.cpp:78: Issuing 
get for key 

10-03-2018 19:39:50.078 UTC [7f229affd700] Debug cassandra_store.cpp:536: 
Cassandra request failed: rc=2, Row 
 not present in column_family impu

Looks like Homestead uses P-Profile-Key's value to search in cache but uses 
R-URI to search in database.

Is it expected behavior?

On Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 10:48 AM, Anthony Lee 
<anthonyn...@gmail.com<mailto:anthonyn...@gmail.com>> wrote:
Sorry, forgot to mention that  Sprout's log  shows that 404 not found for that 
wildcard PSI return from Homestead. .

On Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 10:44 AM, Anthony Lee 
<anthonyn...@gmail.com<mailto:anthonyn...@gmail.com>> wrote:
My wildcard PSI is  

I found some information in Homestead_current.txt:

Debug http_handlers.cpp:695: Did not receive valid JSON with a 
'wildcard_identity' element

Does it mean scscf need to add "wildcard_identity" into the JSON request?
Is there any configuration need to be done in Sprout?

On Fri, Mar 9, 2018 at 10:54 PM, Anthony Lee 
<anthonyn...@gmail.com<mailto:anthonyn...@gmail.com>> wrote:
I need to provision wildcarded PSI, does clearwater support to do that?
If yes, could you provide an example?



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