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 Dear Team,
I have a high availability use case below, please provide your inputs.I have 6 
nodes running for clearwater services on 6 different nodes and 1 for DNS(on 
Node7) as below:(I am using AWS AMI ubuntu 14 image and have manually installed 
as per instruction at Manual Install Instructions — Project Clearwater 1.0 
documentation)Desired configuration :
Node1 : EllisNode2 : BonoNode3 : SproutNode4 : HomerNode5 : DimeNode6 : Vellum

Now, we have a requirement of scale up and scale down.Scale Down:
1. if Node1 fails, Ellis should start working on Node2. That means Node2 hosts 
Ellis and Bono both running. 2. After that if Node2 fails, Ellis and Bono 
should shift to Node3. That means Node3 hosts Ellis, Bono and Sprout.3. And so 
on..... till Node5 fails and Node6 hosts Ellis, Bono, Sprout, Homer, Dime and 

Will it need any source code change or work with just configuration change? 
Please send me instruction for making changes.I want to try the following for 
the above use case:1. I install all software on each nodes. That means Ellis is 
installed on all nodes, sprout is installed on all nodes, etc.2. But, in the 
beginning, Ellis is started on Node1, Bono is started on Node2 and so on as 
shown above (desired configuration).3. When Node1  fails, then I start Ellis on 
Node 2(say manually, I will automate it later). That means Node2 has Ellis and 
Bono running.4. When Node2 fails, I start Ellis and Bono on Node2...And the 
like...5. In the end, I want Node6 to have all software running.
Scale UP: 1. After step 5 above, where Node6 are running all software.2. Now, 
Node 5 has started and came up, I want to stop Dime on Node6 and want to start 
on Node5. That means Node5 has Dime running and Node6 has Ellis, Bono, Sprout, 
Homer, and Vellum running.
3. Node Node 4 has come up and running. I want to stop Homer on Node 6 and 
start it on Node4. That means Node 4 has Homer running, Node5 has Dime running 
and Node 6 has Ellis, Bono, Sprout and Vellum running.4. And so on till I get 
the desired configuration running as shown above.

It should happen when call is running and call shouldn't drop.
Any help will be deeply appreciated.

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