Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to setup a super basic Clearwater deployment (just using the
All-in-One OVF image on VirtualBox) and use it to support Voice and SMS in
a small LTE testbed network (powered by the OpenAirInterface EPC).

I've got an Android connected to our LTE testbed, and have been able to
setup Clearwater and use it to make test calls with Zoiper. Now, I'm trying
to figure out what I have to do to get it to support voice/text from the
Android itself (not just the app). We currently have a "default" APN that
supports LTE bearer establishment and I've tried adding an ims-specific APN
for Clearwater (trying a bunch of different values) but it doesn't seem
like the Android is generating any traffic or trying to talk to Clearwater.

>From documentation, I get the sense that Clearwater can support this, but I
haven't had any success in finding information on how to set things up. I
have a bunch of questions that might help me get on the right track, or if
anyone has some good pointers on how to do this I'd be super thankful!

1) Per some LTE resources, I created an APN setting with the following
type: ims
name: example.com
proxy: (this is the address of the Clearwater server)
port: 8060
username: 650555x...@example.com
password: ******

Does this seem right? For what it's worth, the APN automatically populates
some other values (MCC and MNC) from my SIM card and I can't change them.
Does this mean that really I need to change Clearwater's entries so that
the numbers line up?

2) Right now I've been using the standard "example.com" value for
Clearwater's configuration - this has been fine for SIP and Zoiper, but
I've gotten the sense from some LTE resources that I'll have to change it
to one of the FQDNs that looks like "ims.
apn.epc.mnc111.mcc222.3gppnetwork.org" or something similar. If so, will I
also have to own/register DNS entries to get resolution to work? This whole
system is a small, self-contained local network so I'd prefer to avoid
having to integrate in if necessary.

3) This is much more of an LTE specific question, but as long as the
entries are lined up, do I have to point Clearwater at my network's HSS
(and vice-versa)? Right now they're separate programs but running on the
same machine, so it's certainly doable, but I imagine it'd be way simpler
if I could just setup my user configuration correctly (via APN) and just
have it connect :-)

Spencer Sevilla
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