I use Appcleaner available from http://freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/ as it 
removes all the extra files etc. that does not usually get removed if you 
drag a app to the trash to delete.

Your issue though sounds like there might be something else going on.  What 
you can try to do is rather than load all your files via the library 
function (or automatic library scanning), create a playlist and then add 
your master music folder to the playlist.  All your files will then be 
shown with their tag information in that playlist and you can use the 
search bar to find songs, artists etc. e.g. (U2 or specifically Artist: U2 
if too many random hits comes up).  I have 60 000+ songs and using the 
library function does not load nearly all my files, that is why is switched 
to the playlist option.

Clementine and also Vox (but the last available older version before 3 
before they reduced functionality for the free version -  
https://vox.rocks/mac-music-player/old-versions) are the two players that I 
use on my Mac.  Vox for my approx 500 favourite songs that I keep on my Mac 
as the sound quality is better and it is unobtrusive in the menu bar, and 
Clementine when I'm listening through my full library.

To sort music and fix tags etc. I use MusicBee, a PC programme via the 
PlayonMac app (https://www.playonmac.com/en/download.html) which emulates 
the Windows environment.  Only the version 2.5 or earlier  of Musicbee 
works (http://musicbee.niblseed.com/MusicBeeSetup_2_5.zip).  If I could get 
the media buttons to work, I probably would only use Musicbee and not 
Clementine as it has all the functionality of Clementine and more.  

On Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 9:55:00 PM UTC+2, Flergen Snerd wrote:
>  I am a brand new Mac user.  I had thousands of songs on my old Windows HD 
> and imported them to iTunes, then took weeks renaming and tagging them 
> properly.  I did not like using iTunes so I did some research and found the 
> Clementine player which I installed.
> I imported my music to Clementine but got doubles and triples of most 
> songs, and the renaming and tagging is all messed up again.  I wanted to 
> start over in Clementine so I uninstalled it.  It seems way too easy, but 
> when I Googled uninstalling software on Macs said to just drag the 
> Clementine icon to the trash and then empty the trash which I did.  When I 
> reinstall Clementine all those double and triple songs with bad names and 
> tagging are already there without me importing them again.
> How do do a complete uninstall of Clementine or at least get rid of all 
> the songs in the library and start over?

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