thanks for the suggestion, il give it a go now...

On Saturday, January 27, 2018 at 12:12:45 PM UTC, wrote:
> *"Clementine has been a life saver since I discovered it and abandoned 
> iTunes for good. Only issue is I cannot connect to my Mac using the Android 
> Remote if my VPN is active. Is there a way around this? (apart from not 
> using my VPN which is what I do much of the time.) In preferences on the 
> Clementine app it gives two IP addresses but when entering these on the 
> Clementine Remote the connection is unsuccessful, any help will be much 
> appreciated."*
>> I´m no expert, but i´m almost sure that you have to be on the same 
>> network as the server. So you have to use the same vpn connection on both 
>> devices, to be able to connect..

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