I've used Clementine on many linux systems with no problem. Sometimes I 
like to use the visualization mode.  I used it commonly on different linux 
system with no problem.  Over the past month or so if I try to use 
visualizations with clementine on any of my linux systems clementine 
suddenly crashes.  There is no message,  no warning,  just boom!  It's gone.
Here's some of the systems that I have installed.  Sparky Linux Game Over. 
Versions 9+12 of Zorin.  Peppermint 7+8.  KxStudio.  Etc.  
The PC in this case is a Dell 051 with almost 2 gb memory.  
There is absolutely no sign of strain anywhere before this crash takes 
place.  The visualizations run quickly,  the music plays fine.  In general 
when this happens there is no other software operating other the actual OS.
Thanks for your attention here.

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