Hi, Andy.

It took me up to 8 months before I switched my brains to functional way of 
When I started to learn Clojure, first code was in Clojure syntax but fully 
imperative style. 
Everything in Clojure was inconvenient and horrible. I didn't understand 
why people like Clojure. 
But, day by day I learnt different resources, whatched Clojure.tv and the 
most important thing - I started to use Clojure in my job to solve real 
And in some day I felt that I got the right way of thinking. And now I can 
say that languages that I used before (C, Java, Python) are inconvenient.
It true, they are.

You should took any real problem and try to solve it using Clojure. 
Only solving real problems make you better programmer.

I recommend:
0. http://clojure-doc.org/articles/tutorials/introduction.html
1. https://www.braveclojure.com/clojure-for-the-brave-and-true/
2. https://purelyfunctional.tv
3. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaLlzGqiPE2QRj6sSOawJRg
4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6yONKYeoE2P3bsahDtsimg
5.  https://lambdaisland.com/episodes
6. https://learnxinyminutes.com/docs/clojure/

Hope, it will help.


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