Ok was just able to try it out briefly on OSX.

- Installation went smoothly, no problems.

- Explicit docs/instructions on how to start and connect to the repl would 
be good. I was able to get it connected but it was unclear if the repl 
should be started from within VS code, or from a terminal then only connect 
to it from VS code.

- The commands in the command pallet could be prefixed with a "clj: " or 
perhaps "clojure: " or something like that. Other plugins I've used(e.g. 
elm) do this so it's easy  to know which commands are associated with the 
extension and which are part of the editor.

- code completion is working just fine.

- Docstrings don't seem to work for thread first  (-> xxx)? I also noticed 
that it took some time after initial repl connect for the docstrings to 
become available, probably some indexing delay because my laptop is 
old+slow, initially they showed "Docstring not found". Also the docstring 
not found message pops up for all characters on hover of mouse over things 
such as parenthesis.

- I found a command to eval the entire file which worked good. Is there a 
way to send selected expressions to a repl yet?

- If I had one feature request it would be for inline results a-la 
LightTable. Any plans for something like that?

Overall this is a great start, thank you very much for getting the ball 
rolling and building this extension!

On Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 10:03:40 AM UTC-7, Michael Ball wrote:
> This looks great, will definitely try it out this weekend!
> On Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 4:17:38 AM UTC-7, Andrey Lisin wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> I've been working on Clojure support for Visual Studio Code text editor 
>> for a while. The first version is very close to the point when it can be 
>> published to Visual Studio Code marketplace, but I would like to test it a 
>> bit more before. Maybe there are Visual Studio Code uses here who can try 
>> the extension and give feedback.
>> Features extension supports:
>> - code completion
>> - interaction with REPL
>> - go to definition
>> - documentation hints
>> The extension can be obtained from its GitHub page (
>> https://github.com/avli/clojureVSCode/releases). Download the vsix file 
>> and drag-and-drop it to the Visual Studio Code. The extension relies on 
>> cider-nrepl, so don't forget to add it to the dependencies list. To connect 
>> to nREPL use "Connect to nREPL" command from the command palette. More 
>> information is available on the extension's GitHub page.
>> Hope it be useful for someone.

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