On Thursday, 5 January 2017 14:38:51 UTC, Daniel Skarda  wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> have you succeeded to run remote REPL without modifications?
> It is a while I wrote the tutorial. However today I was able to run REPL to 
> debian running inside VirtualBox from Emacs or Cursive with help of 
> piggieback.
> I see potential issue in your code. :output-dir should be absolute and same 
> on both machines (dev and remote). 
> The reason for same absolute directory (and synchronization) is 
> implementation of JS environment in CLJS. CLJS compiler spits out .js files. 
> JS Environment (browser, node) requests these environment using http 
> (browser) or by reading  local files (node). In case of local files REPL 
> instructs js environment where to get these files. 
> In case of remote js environment (nodejs is executed on remote machine) we 
> trick repl and node to think they run both on same machine and can "exchange" 
> files in shared directory. 
> I agree it is dirty hack:) The correct solution would be to make a way how 
> nodejs can request compiled files from repl (in similar way browser requests 
> files from web server running from repl). Unfortunately at this moment I do 
> not have time to shave this yak.
> To help you to run REPL:
> 1) Check you have correct dir names for shared directory and they are 
> absolute, eg
> :output-dir "/tmp/cljs-share-repl"
> see wiki page. I made few correction of directory names today.
> 2) Check /tmp/cljs-share-repl synchronization works
> - does cljs repl create compiled files inside /tmp/cljs-repl-share/out?
> - are these files visible from remote machine?
> 2) If it does not work, please provide me some info about your configuration:
> - which versions of CLJ, CLJS, Lein, piggieback, node?
> - which OS you run on dev and remote machine?
> - how do you synchronize /tmp/cljs-repl-share? sshfs, samba, nfs?
> 3) some debugging tips:
> - check nodejs is running on remote machine and that it listens on some port 
> (netstat, lsof)
> - try to snoop tcp/ip communication using wireshark
> Crossing my fingers,
> Dan

I've switched absolute paths but the behaviour is still the same, osxfuse is 
working fine If I understood more about how it is meant to work it would be 
easier for me to debug. The first problem is I don't understand how it should 
be invoking node on the remote system. From my original post:
"If I invoke node without arguments (as the repl init does) it just appears to 
hang; shouldn't an argument be passed to invoke something on the host?"
I know node is being invoked but without arguments because I put an "echo" in 
the repl-host-node script.
 node v4.2.1 is running on the remote. 
Again thanks for your help with this.

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