I picked up the example shown here 
to send HTTP requests from cljs. However, I am unsure how to add custom 
headers to the request.

(defn GET [url]
  (let [ch (chan 1)]
    (xhr/send url
              (fn [event]
                (let [res (-> event .-target .getResponseText)]
                  (go (>! ch res)
                      (close! ch)))) "POST" "1234" {"Content-Type" 

Things work as expected when I add the method ("POST") and body ("1234"). 
However, when I add the header (ofcourse, I send a map which is just a 
guess), I notice that an "OPTIONS" request is sent first (which I gather is 

I am looking for a way to send HTTP requests with custom headers - 
(hopefully, without having to install another library).


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