I have a problem with one of the CLJS split module I lazy load. This CLJS 
split depends on a manually written Closure library in Javascript, itself 
depending on another manually written Closure lib. When the split loads and 
is executed, it successfully loads its Closure dependency but this Closure 
lib fails to load its own Closure dep. I can verify it in the browser 
console, the transitive deep Closure lib namespace doesn't exist.

The goal is to lazy load external trackers (à la Google Analytics) only 
when necessary, so I wrap the small JS code they require in a CLJS 
namespace that I can lazy-load with cljs.loader. As a note, another reason 
we wrap Closure tracker libs in CLJS ns is we also use them in non CLJS 
projects so we can't directly `goog.require` cljs.loader in them.



Clojure 1.9.0
Clojurescript 1.9.946
openjdk version "1.8.0_162"
Boot 2.7.1 and boot-cljs 2.1.4

CLJS compiler options:

Boot-cljs main.cljs.edn

{:require          [yoda.core]
 :init-fns         [yoda.core/init]
 :compiler-options {:libs       ["trackers/dataLayer.js"
                                 "trackers/google_analytics.js" ;; depends 
on trackers/dataLayer.js
                    :output-dir "js"
                    :modules    {:cljs-base        {:output-to "js/main.js"}
                                 :google-analytics {:entries   
#{yoda.tracking.google-analytics-wrapper} ;; depends on 
                                 :other-tracker    {:entries   
#{yoda.tracking.other-tracker-wrapper} ;; depends on 

Other CLJS compiler options in build.boot:

(task-options! cljs {:compiler-options {:asset-path  "/yd/js"
                                          :optimizations :none
                                          :source-map true
                                          :parallel-build true
                                          :verbose true}})

Code-loading in my-project.tracking namespace:

;; start external trackers
(loader/load :google-analytics
             (fn []
'my-project.tracking.google-analytics-wrapper/start) ga-tracking-id)))
(loader/load :other-tracker
             (fn []

The generated cljs_deps.js looks ok:

goog.addDependency("../trackers/dataLayer.js", ['trackers.dataLayer'], 
['trackers.google_analytics'], ['trackers.dataLayer', 'goog.net.Cookies']);
['my_project.tracking.google_analytics_wrapper'], ['cljs.loader', 
'trackers.google_analytics', 'cljs.core']);
['trackers.other_tracker'], []);
['yoda.tracking.other_tracker_wrapper'], ['trackers.other_tracker', 
'cljs.loader', 'cljs.core']);


1. The browser requests source-maps for all the Closure libs in trackers/ 
which is weird because the compilation doesn't change them. They're kept as 
is. No need to use source-maps for plain JS code right ?

2. The browser requests source-maps at the wrong URI for split modules: it 
tries to load them from the root path / directly. Here's the error in the 
Source map error: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.
Resource URL: null
Source Map URL: google_analytics_wrapper.js.map ;; it should be 
/yd/js/my_project/tracking/google_analytics_wrapper.js.map where it does 
exist (verified on disk)

3. Printing the `trackers` global JS variable in the browser (for the 
"trackers" part of the trackers.XXX namespaces) shows that it doesn't 
contains the dataLayer namespace, the transitive Closure lib.

4. Code splitting works fine for the `other_tracker` split, I can verify 
its code is executed. Hence problem #3 seems to come from the transitive 

I hope I was clear in explaining the problem. Happy to help you help me by 
answering any question.

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