This dates back to over a year ago, but here's what I did to use React 
15.1.0 from a CDN when using Reagent 0.7:

My Reagent dependency in project.clj looks like this:

                 [reagent "0.7.0" :exclusions [cljsjs/react

Then I just created a set of dummy namespaces in my source tree to fake out 
the compiler:

solace:eris2 jfischer$ find src/cljsjs

solace:eris2 jfischer$ cat src/cljsjs/react.cljs
(ns cljsjs.react
  "Dummy namespace to let me exclude React from my compiled output.")

And in my HTML loaded React from the CDN:

<script src="";></script>

On Monday, March 5, 2018 at 11:02:53 PM UTC-8, wrote:
> Hi all,
> I want to use reagent 0.8 with an external React 16, available as 
> `window.React` (equivalent to using React from a CDN, but in reality built 
> and exported from a separate webpack bundle).
> My goal is to build a bundle which uses React, ReactDOM and 
> createReactClass from the window object, instead of inlining its own copies 
> of those libraries.
> I talked to @Deraen about this on Slack a couple of months ago who helped 
> me get this working. I'm currently able to build a bundle as described 
> above, but I have to vendor in all the extern files from the relevant 
> cljsjs React libraries, and add them to :exclusions. My :compiler key in my 
> cljsbuild config looks like this:
>    :foreign-libs [{:file "src/js/empty.js"
>                    :provides ["react" "react-dom" "create-react-class" 
> "react-dom/server"]
>                    :requires []
>                    :global-exports {react React
>                                     react-dom ReactDOM
>                                     create-react-class createReactClass
>                                     react-dom/server ReactDOMServer}}]
>    :externs ["src/js/externs/react.ext.js"
>              "src/js/externs/react-dom.ext.js"
>              "src/js/externs/create-react-class.ext.js"]
> He thought at the time that it should be possible without the externs and 
> :exclusions, as mentioned on this page: 
> > it should be possible to override the Cljsjs foreign-libs, while still 
> using externs from Cljsjs packages.
> But I can't figure it out - if I don't exclude the cljsjs libraries, I get 
> a bundle with React 15 built-in, and if I do exclude them, the bundle is 
> broken because the externs are missing and the names get eaten by the 
> closure compiler.
> Is there any way around having to commit the externs?
> Thanks,
> Alex

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