(let [src  "(require '[reagent.core :as r]) (r/render (fn [] [:h1 
\"Hello\"]) (js/document.getElementById \"app\"))"]
  (cljs/eval-str cljs-state src "kernel.cljs"
                 {:eval (fn [m]
                          (cljs/js-eval m))
                  :verbose true
                  :load load-fn
                 (fn [result]
                   (prn result))

The load-fn I implemented does not know where to find reagent's cljsjs 
dependencies. It does not know the path to create-react-class.js and 

that information is provided in the cljsjs package itself 

   :provides ["cljsjs.create-react-class" "create-react-class"],
   :requires ["react"],
   :global-exports {create-react-class createReactClass}}],

 I can see it on the filesystem

sto@obi:~/workspace/stigmergy-webtop$ find . -name *react*

The question is how do I extract the foreign-libs meta data of where the 
dependency is in my load-fn?

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