Couldn't make the Cloud meeting but just skimmed the log;
cross-posting to server@ list.

How about combine Cloud and Server WGs into a new WG with three new sub groups:
hardware, cloud, atomic?

That way you get the benefit of one WG working on the big picture
stuff that enables integration among the outputs. And you get
collaboration that isn't possible by just cross posting emails on two
lists. Curation of the outputs is enhanced so they're optimal when the
products are used together, while not being exclusive to each other.
The differences are minor tweaks in terms of payload, but e.g.
cloud-init is not something most people in the Server WG probably know
much about. So most of Cloud + Server overlaps with really vertical
knowledge base needed to do the small tweaks that cause substantial
product differentiation.

On the issue of membership, anyone unavailable in the next 30 days
should be dropped. There will be another time for their participation
when they're available. I'd look into making it easy to rotate out WG
members to avoid long periods of inactivity which inhibits others'
ability to get stuff done, and avoid burn out when they've been on the
WG too long.

Maybe some WG seats should be ~18 months, and twice as many of those
would be 1 release cycle. i.e. 1/3 of the seats are longer term, and
2/3 are short term. There's sufficient stability in FESCo to make
frequent WG turnover a plus.

Chris Murphy
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