On Friday morning my time (10:00 CST, 8:00 PST, 16:00 UTC) I'll be switching the dns record for wikitech.wikimedia.org to point to a new server.  This change should be largely invisible to users, but there are a few things to be ready for:

- Most importantly, YOU WILL BE LOGGED OUT of Wikitech.  So if you've been relying on a persistent session to avoid having to keep track of your 2FA tokens, today is the day to reset 2FA and record the new information.

- The new Wikitech build uses a lot of updated software (Debian Stretch, HHVM, etc.).  Although we've done some spot-checks, there may be new issues that appear for your particular use case.  We'll evaluate these as they crop up, and decide whether or not to revert to the old server.


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