The short answer: have not decided yet, Freedombox project decided to
drop owncloud from their tool set 2 or 3 months ago, looking for
alternatives. Now the puzzle thickens with nextcloud. I have not started
my owncloud server yet. Sorry.

Your questions seem mostly on hardware implementation choices. People
have already chimed in. But I will ask what you think is adequate for
backup solutions for your owncloud, since  this is important if you lose
the grid?

Regarding next or own cloud debate, I do not know yet?
My rss feeds are telling me about the community figuring this out on
their own (as in what are they really doing, and not just what they say
they are doing)
Is nextcloud easier to use? Is owncloud better on freedom and control of
your data? Not made up my mind yet.

AS far as was the list dead? Doubtful, more likely combo of busy and
waiting for someone else to go first. 



On 15/09/16 10:32 PM, TekBudda wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am not sure if the list is dead or not or people are just hellabusy.
> In the hopes of stirring up some conversation I figured I would throw
> this out there.
> I am looking to deploy OwnCloud at home.  Likely looking at a 2TB
> space as that is more then I have needed over the last couple years &
> I don't see that increasing anytime soon.  I was thinking of using
> CentOS as the base, more to get used to it & try to learn more of the
> RHEL environment.
> I also see this acting as a domain controller, server, etc. for the
> house & my small business.  We are also trying to reduce our power
> footprint as well to lower utilities as well as potentially preparing
> for being off-grid & perhaps being reliant on solar or similar.
> I have done some rough pricing out & it like for a system of 8 to 16
> GB of RAM; an i5 or i7 processor & a 2TB disk the price for something
> off shelf or custom built is between 700 to 1000.  I have looked at
> desktops, laptops, mini-systems, etc.
> Now as an alternative I have an old Dell OptiPlex 745 (I think) SFF
> desktop with a Core 2 Duo; 2GB of RAM (currently) & a 60GB HDD. 
> Looking at rough prices for a few hundred (2-300'ish) I can upgrade it
> to a 2TB drive & 8 GB of RAM.  I do also have a powered & non-powered
> 2TB external drive as well as an old DNS-323 NAS with mirrored 2 TB
> drives.
> I am open to suggestions on if you think the OptiPlex solution is a
> good one for what I am doing right now & say the next few years or if
> I would be better plumping for one of the $700 to $1000 solutions.  If
> that route, what would be reasonable to invest in.
> There....that should do it.  Hopefully it will stir up some
> conversation.  :-)
> TekBudda
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