On Mon, May 16, 2016 at 04:07:18PM +0800, Eric Ren wrote:
> When there are 3 or more partitions that merge, none may see enough
> clean nodes. Therefore, DLM would be stuck there forever unitl administrator
> manually reset/restart enough nodes to produce sufficient clean nodes.
> However, sometimes people hope that DLM can automatically recover from 
> "useless"
> state by forcing kick statefull merged nodes.
> The option of "enable_force_kick" defaults to "0"(disabled), which
> remains the old way. Note that, enable this option at your own risk
> because it's hard to predict which node (or none) will survive when both
> sides of the merged partitions are kicking the other out of the cluster
> at the same time.

This looks good.  Would you still use this patch if we add the new
dlm_tool output from the other email?

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