On 09/08/17 06:36, tsutomu....@toshiba.co.jp wrote:

This series of patches is to fix various bugs.  This patch set is against the 
mainline kernel.
I'd like reviewed to make sure those changes are fine.

Patch number 01/02/03 were posted on this mailing list by Bob Peterson 
Patch 03 is modified to correct a bug acquiring rwlock multiple times.
Other than that, there is no changes.


thanks in advance.
-- owa
ps. Sorry to bother you if you got those mails several times.

Many thanks for looking so closely at the DLM and in sending this patch set. Some of the patches I can see are obvious fixes and others I'd need a bit more time to look at to be sure about. I've sent a few individual comments for some of the patches. However overall this looks like a really good set of patches, and I'm sure took some time for you to put together. I think the best thing would be for us to get these patches into a kernel now and run some tests, since there is quite a lot of change,


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