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| Currently the default behaviour when the journal size is not specified
| is to use a default size of 128M, which means that mkfs.gfs2 can run out
| of space while writing to a small device. The hard default also means
| that some xfstests fail with gfs2 as they expect it to fit on smaller
| devices using the default options.
| This patch addresses these problems by picking a maximum proportion of
| the fs that journals should occupy (1/4) and scaling the journal size
| down (as far as the minimum size) to enforce that rule. As the minimum
| journal size is 8MB that means we effectively get a hard minimum file
| system size of 32MB (per journal).
| Signed-off-by: Andrew Price <anpr...@redhat.com>
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Looks good to me. ACK.

Andreas found the 1/4 scaling to be lacking (and still failing small-fs xfstests) so I'm about to send a new version.


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