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| It turns out that commit 3974320ca6 "Implement iomap for block_map"
| introduced a few bugs that trigger occasional failures with xfstest
| generic/476:
| In gfs2_iomap_begin, we jump to do_alloc when we determine that we are
| beyond the end of the allocated metadata (height > ip->i_height).
| There, we can end up calling hole_size with a metapath that doesn't
| match the current metadata tree, which deosn't make sense.  After
| untangling the code at do_alloc, fix this by checking if the block we
| are looking for is within the range of allocated metadata.
| In addition, add a BUG() in case gfs2_iomap_begin is accidentally called
| for reading stuffed files: this is handled separately.  Make sure we
| don't truncate iomap->length for reads beyond the end of the file; in
| that case, the entire range counts as a hole.
| Finally, revert to taking a bitmap write lock when doing allocations.
| It's unclear why that change didn't lead to any failures during testing.
| Signed-off-by: Andreas Gruenbacher <agrue...@redhat.com>
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Thanks. This is now pushed to the for-next branch of the linux-gfs2 tree:


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