> Hi,
> This patch is straightforward enough, but there are a lot of other
> file systems that need similar patches. Shouldn't you do one big
> patch set that fixes several file systems at once and run it through
> Viro's kernel or Linus's kernel or something?
> Adding Viro and linux-fsdevel for more opinions.

The plan for these patches is to introduce the typedef, initially just
as documentation ("These functions should return a VM_FAULT_ status").
We'll trickle the patches to individual drivers/filesystems in through
the maintainers, as far as possible.  Then we'll change the typedef to
an unsigned int and break the compilation of any unconverted

We have already started sending out drivers/filesystems changes
to different maintainers.

Reference commit id - 1c8f422059ae5da07db7406ab916203f9417e396

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