On 10/08/18 13:13, Andreas Gruenbacher wrote:
On 9 August 2018 at 11:35, Steven Whitehouse <swhit...@redhat.com> wrote:

On 08/08/18 19:52, Bob Peterson wrote:

Before this patch, function foreach_descriptor repeatedly called
function gfs2_replay_incr_blk which just incremented the value while
decrementing another, and checked for wrap. This is a waste of time.
This patch just adds the value and adjusts it if a wrap occurred.

Signed-off-by: Bob Peterson <rpete...@redhat.com>
   fs/gfs2/recovery.c | 5 +++--
   1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/fs/gfs2/recovery.c b/fs/gfs2/recovery.c
index 0f501f938d1c..6c6b19263b82 100644
--- a/fs/gfs2/recovery.c
+++ b/fs/gfs2/recovery.c
@@ -354,8 +354,9 @@ static int foreach_descriptor(struct gfs2_jdesc *jd,
unsigned int start,
                         return error;
   -             while (length--)
-                       gfs2_replay_incr_blk(jd, &start);
+               start += length;
+               if (start >= jd->jd_blocks)
+                       start -= jd->jd_blocks;

Now you've hidden the increment of the replay block. Please don't open code
this, but just add an argument to gfs2_replay_incr_blk() such that you can
tell it how many blocks to increment, rather than just assuming a single
block as it does at the moment. Otherwise this can easily get missed when
someone looks at the code in future, and expects gfs2_replay_incr_blk to be
the only thing that changes the position during recovery,
If we really want to encapsulate "add modulo jd->jd_blocks", it's also
open-coded in find_good_lh and jhead_scan.


I wonder if those will go away with Abhi's patch set in due course?


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