I just noticed the parameter comments for gfs2_glock_async_wait
are wrong, and I've fixed them in a newer version. I can post
the new version after I get people's initial reactions.


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> Because s_vfs_rename_mutex is not cluster-wide, multiple nodes can
> reverse the roles of which directories are "old" and which are "new"
> for the purposes of rename. This can cause deadlocks where two nodes
> can lock old-then-new but since their roles are reversed, they wait
> for each other.
> This patch fixes the problem by acquiring all gfs2_rename's inode
> glocks asychronously and waits for all glocks to be acquired.
> That way all inodes are locked regardless of the order.
> Signed-off-by: Bob Peterson <rpete...@redhat.com>
> ---
> + * gfs2_glock_async_wait - wait on multiple asynchronous glock acquisitions
> + * @gh: the glock holder
> +int gfs2_glock_async_wait(unsigned int num_gh, struct gfs2_holder *ghs)

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