While building clutter-0.8, i was facing the following error

clutter-fixed.c:906: error: redefinition of 'clutter_qmulx'
clutter-fixed.h:294: error: previous definition of 'clutter_qmulx' was here
clutter-fixed.c:946: error: redefinition of 'clutter_qdivx'
clutter-fixed.h:320: error: previous definition of 'clutter_qdivx' was here

The surprising part was i am not getting this error for one target built
with *gcc -O2* where as in the other exactly similar target built with *gcc
-O0 -mapcs -rdynamic -g , *i am getting the error.

After trying the fix mentioned in the above bugzilla link, it seems to be
solving my problem, as in my preprocessed clutter-fixed.c i am no longer
seeing multiple definition after trying the fix.

Now my question is:
1>Why i am not facing the error in the other target built with gcc -O2, is
there any other dependency?

2>From the web i found that, not all the people face this error. So, what
factors are responsible for this error? any idea?...



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