On 07/15/2015 05:08 PM, Michael Scott wrote:
> Looking at the cmMessageCommand::InitialPass and 
> cmake::PrintMessagePreamble code, if we want to mirror the deprecation 
> message behaviour, I'm tempted to suggest we also modify the message 
> mode "AUTHOR_WARNING" to be "AUTHOR" instead. It would make the mode 
> clearer on it's new behaviour and allow the code to be more consistent 
> with regards to dev and deprecated.
> I imagine this might be a big user affecting change though, so it might 
> be better to not do that and just make AUTHOR_WARNING cause fatal error 
> messages depending on the state of the associated cmake variables. What 
> are your thoughts on this?

I think the name "AUTHOR_WARNING" is fine even after these changes
because the new options explicitly request to make these warnings
into errors.  C++ compiler "#pragma warn"-like options are spelled
"warn" but can still be errors with the right options.

> P.S. Sorry my previous email broke the message threading, I'm replying 
> in a different way this time but please let me know if I'm still 
> breaking the message threading.

It still breaks the threading.  Your first few responses
(e.g. on 2015-06-24) were threaded correctly.



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