I've been a been a cmake user for many years now and for the last year or
so I've mostly been using the codelite generator.
There are 2 "enhancements" I've made on my personal github clone which I
like to give back to you guys.

1) There's a setting in cmake to change the final output folder for
binaries/libraries and I added a few lines to the generator to take that
into account.

2) I've made a copy of the codelite generator, called codelite2 for lack of
a better name, and changed the subproject behaviour to use targets instead
of projects for .project files. This makes sure that all targets show up in
the codelite IDE. (the result looks a lot like what you see in VisualStudio

I could merge the codelite enhancements into the original codelite
generator, but I would need a setting to control if the generated project
should be geared towards targets or projects. Would something like
-DCMAKE_CODELITE_USE_TARGETS=ON be an acceptable way, if not, how should
one  influence the generator ?


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